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Lavender Left logo


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This t-shirt of the group Lavender Left, on which there is very little research or documentation, was a small group of queer/lgbtq individuals who did direct actions protesting the treatment of people with HIV/AIDS. In 1988, this photo of AIDS activist Mark Kostopoulos being restrained [perhaps arrested?] was taken, and we see that his sweatshirt bears a logo: a raised fist in an upside-down triangle, with the words “Lavender Left” on the right side. The image itself is a combination of icons: the raised fist, of course, to invoke and symbolize resistant group power as demonstrated by a marginalized or oppressed group. The fist is in an illustrated, thumb-over convention. The upside down triangle is a commonly used symbol of gay liberation, and is often printed in a pink or purple color.


Unknown artist[s] from the activist group Lavender Left


1990 [?]


All rights remain with artists and photographers.


Screenprint ink on fabric.

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In the 1980s -- early 1990s, artist groups like Gang, Gran Fury, Dyke Action Machine!, fierce pussy, OutPost, Anonymous Queers, Camp Out and more pulled artists, energy, anger and ideas from activist groups including Queer Nation, ACT UP, Women’s Action Coalition, Lesbian Avengers, Pink Panthers, Lavender Panthers, and the Lavender Left.




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