The Fist is Still Raised

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A coffee logo from Counter Culture coffee roasters, an NYC-based company.

A logo used by IDT Telecom, Inc. to market a phone card which will "revolutionize" the way you use a cell phone, apparently.

44_It can't happen here-1937-WPA.tif
A poster for Sinclair Lewis’s play “It can't happen here” shows three officers with raised fists, and a fist raised toward them, ostensibly the viewer’s. It was printed in 1937 as an advertisement for the Federal Theatre Project presentation…

During World War I, state-sponsored images of raised, clenched fists appear in posters promoting the purchase of war, or “liberty” bonds. Printed in the decade after the socialist use, this poster insinuates that the visual power of a raised,…

32_IndustrialWorker-Sacco nVanzetti-July-2-1927-1200w.jpg
A newsletter of the IWW, using a raised fist to promote a reaction to the Sacco and Vanzetti trial.

14_Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 10.32.39 PM.png
Poster from May 1968 uprisings.

SEIU union poster.

23_1906_painting_Canadian-socialist-WilliamBalfourKer_From the Depths.jpg
Book cover by William Balfour Ker for JA Mitchell's The Silent War, 1906.
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